International Projects:

Funding Opportunities for Artists

As of April 2005

Each year, there are a variety of organizations across the country offering funding for artists. Some support specific projects, while some are not project specific. For the most part, each organization offers artists opportunities to apply annually, biannually, semi-annually and/or on an ongoing basis. While the most visible opportunities are offered through your local, state, regional or national arts agencies, there are also public and private non-profits providing opportunities for funding the arts. Additionally, private businesses are often great sources for obtaining funding.

It is imperative that you keep track of the deadlines for applications for each of the agencies, organizations, and businesses. If you miss a round you have to wait for the next round. This means you will have to wait for the next year, or even maybe two.

We herewith provide you with a listing of websites to get you started with your search for funding. Check back with us every so often for updates. We’ll add more as we can.

Good luck!

Artist Trust (Washington State) 

College Art Association              

Humanities Washington              

National Endowment for the Arts

Washington State Arts Commission

4Culture           (King County)    

Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs  

Seattle, WA

Note: Contact your local politicians. They often know of resources within the government and/or private sector which are not published.