March 30, 2005

Ken Turner

12643 12th Avenue South

Seattle WA 98168

Dear Mr. Turner;

I am pleased to learn of your plans to visit China at the invitation of the China Workers Center for International Exchange (CWVCIE), as their guest and leader of the Ceramics Cultural and Professional Exchange Program in spring 2006. As you know, the Washington State Arts Commission has been exploring opportunities for international programming. Last year I had the privilege of leading a delegation to China on a cultural exchange/trade mission. It was a remarkable experience that deepened my appreciation for China, the arts, and international exchange. 

In Washington and elsewhere, international cultural programs include performances and exhibitions of artwork, studio time for visiting artists, art workshops across language barriers and exchanges of student art. Although often challenging to manage, such international cultural programs have great rewards in developing understanding across geographic and ethnic boundaries. Participating artists experience a significant, diverse and positive impact on their work.

Your anticipated itinerary includes visiting important ceramic centers in Yixing and Jingdezhen, as well as visits to other cultural sites.  I hope you have opportunities to meet and learn with your professional peers, and to share ideas and techniques. Certainly you will benefit from a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, as well as some wonderful memories!

I hope your work in China initiates some important contacts for future professional opportunities, and wish you the best.


Kris Tucker, Executive Director

Washington State Arts Commission