Student Supply List

For All “Ceramics” Courses.


Instructor:           Ken Turner

Telephone:          206-241-7058



Tools listed below are the minimum required for this class.  You may choose to purchase other tools to add to your collection.  One 25 lb. bag of clay will be provided to each student during the first class.  Students are responsible for providing clay beyond that to meet their needs. 25lb. bags of clay are about $8.00 or $9.00.  You can purchase tools from Art and Craft supply stores like, Michaels, Daniel Smith, Seattle Art Supply, University Book Store, etc.  I recommend Seattle Pottery Supply, 35 South Hanford St., Seattle, 206-587-0570,, and Clay Art Center 2636 Pioneer Way East, Tacoma, 1-800-952-8030,, for the best selection of tool and the purchase of clay.

Please come to the first class prepared to work.

  1.  One small sponge (synthetic or elephant ear)                 $ 1.00 to 7.00

  2.  One clay cut-off wire                                                   $ 2.00

  3.  One needle tool                                                           $   .85 to 2.00

  4.  One flexible steel scraper (S10) with serrated edge.       $ 2.10

  5.  One hard steel fettling knife, or utility knife.                   $ 3.79

  6.  Straight edge ruler, and or carpenters square                 $ 1.00 to 15.00

  7.  Small wooden paddle (plain)                                        $ 5.95

  8.  One  Japanese sumi style brush #4                               $ 3.25             

  9.  Sharpie pen, and a pencil                                             $ 2.00

10.  Small post-it’s                                                             $ 1.00

11.  Light plastic sheeting to cover work with (dry cleaning bags are perfect)

12.  Small container with lid (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.)

13.  Very small amount of vinegar in a sealed container

14.  Tool tote or bucket with handle

15.  Hardwood rolling pin.  These can be fairly expensive, please look for them at thrift stores, usually about $3.00.  I will have a few of my own available for your use during class, and there are two available in the studio.

*16.  Canvas covered work board.  These are not sold in stores and have to be made.  #10 Duck canvas is best for clay use.  This canvas, 36” wide, runs $5.50 per yard.  Stretch and staple canvas to a 2’x 2’x ¾” sheet of plywood available at Home Depot, lumber stores, and most hardware stores (Ace True Value, Fred Meyer, etc.) for about $6.50. ( The Antioch Art Studio has several of these boards donated by past students and are available for your use at the University).

Several tools can be collected from the kitchen or garage and returned when you are finished with them, at no cost to you!

When purchasing clay from SPS, buy Alpine White ^6  or Vashon Red ^6  

When purchasing clay from CAC, buy Newcomb ^6 (white) or SMY ^6

* Several past students have donated their canvas covered boards (#16) to the AUS art studio for student use.