BAC398: Practicum on Creating Commemorative Medallions: Shaping Memory (1) Ken Turner

At commencement ceremonies in June and December each year, each graduate of the B.A. in Liberal Studies program receives a handcrafted ceramic medallion to commemorate the many individual paths that have led to the singular experience of earning a bachelorís degree. The December 2005 commencement ceremony marks the first time in nearly a decade that a new ceramic medallion will be presented to graduates. The practicum involves creative inquiry into the use, design and history of medallions as commemoration. Students in the practicum group meet with the evaluator four times in one- to two-hour meetings. Students investigate the use of ceramics and the creation of molds for production of medallions, including: firing, decaling/printing and glazing; researching other universitiesí modes of commemoration; considering focus groups or contests; and proposing designs. Students participate in the final decision on the commencement medallions, which will be used for the foreseeable future.