Student Supply List

“Ceramics – Primitive Techniques Today”

Seeing how this is a primitive techniques class, use your imagination when collecting tools; small stones, sticks, shells, feathers, etc. (think texture).   However there are some practical items of convenience you should have, they are as follows.

1.  A small elephant ear sponge (a small piece of cloth with work as well)

2.  A cut off wire, string, dental floss or heavy fishing line

3.  A needle tool (eraser or cork with a needle or pin pushed through it)

4.  A small towel

5.  Plastic for wrapping clay work to keep damp – dry-cleaning bags work well or even plastic shopping bags from the grocery store

     7.  A small empty plastic container w/ lid, like cottage cheese container.

     8.  A small amount of vinegar in a container.