Why go to China with us?

        Special invitation from the Chinese Government provides introduction to your Chinese counterparts

        Unique opportunity to create partnerships within a global community

        Opportunity to talk with decision-makers in China who might provide funding for their international projects in your organization or region

        Establish long lasting relationship for both professional and personal interests

        Experience a unique culture from an intimate perspective rather than as a tourist

        Meet high level officials

        Meet artists and other professionals in their studios and work environments

        Get behind the scenes look into theaters, galleries, museums, schools, and businesses

        Hands-on experiences in another culture through face-to-face interaction, food, and visits to historical sites

        Translators are provided to meet your needs

        Opportunity to present your organization, your business, or your work to a Chinese audience anxious to know about you and partner with you

        Cost includes everything. You can conceivably get on the plane with and come back without spending another dollar.

        Choices within your itinerary

        Chance to see China before it totally modernizes

        Choices in food (special diets also provided upon request)

        A once-in-a-lifetime experience not available to the general public.

        Your trip may be tax deductible if taken for professional reason (check with you tax advisor)